@halcyon Your halcyon project doesn't like my pleroma install for some reason. White screen of death on this url: https://halcyon.pro//auth?&host=connected.cat6.network
@halcyon not just this instance, it seems to be every instance of halcyon erroring out. Can you take a peek to see if it's something i messed up with my install or something?
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@halcyon weird so I can see that the instance goes to grab the oauth, and popping that URL redirects me to the same /auth endpoint on the halcyon instance that gives a white screen of death... o.O
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@halcyon bah i suppose i'll need to setup my own instance to debug further myself -_-
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@clarjon1 As far as I know that isn't the first time that this happens but I've never been able to reproduce the problem to start debugging it.It would be really helpful if you could find any error message using the debug mode in your Halcyon install.

@halcyon [Thu Aug 01 12:18:42.264394 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 17250] [client ::1:43454] PHP Notice: Undefined index: code in /srv/http/login/auth.php on line 20, referer: http://localhost/login/?cause=domain

@clarjon1 Thank you for your response,that's really helpful.Halcyon expects the Mastodon or Pleroma instance to send a code GET param which can be used to authenticate you against the API endpoint on the server side and it looks like your Pleroma instance isn't sending this code param.Maybe newer Pleroma instances don't do that in general,I don't know.I'll further investigate that tomorrow.Thanks for your help with debugging.

@halcyon If you’d like, I can set you up with a temp account on my instance to assist with debugging

@clarjon1 Thank you but I've been able to reproduce it using my Pleroma testing account now.Looks like they have updated the instance in the meantime as it worked well when I used it the last time.I'll try to fix that now and push a hotfix then.

@halcyon @clarjon1 sorry for “hijacking the thread”, :) but I think, I've experienced such a problem too this week. but I've somehow managed to circumvent it by clearing all the cookies and cached data from my pleroma domain. it was needed to reconfigure pleroma's ui after that, though…

@fuzzylynx @clarjon1 I can confirm that this should be an issue caused by Pleroma in newer versions.I could also reproduce it somehow when trying to sign into brutaldon.online but they have set force_login to False so I finally get a useful error message.It says that the redirect_uri registered with the app on server side differs from the one in the OAuth request although it's exactly the same.I've contacted Lain on my private account,no answer yet.


@clarjon1 @fuzzylynx Still no reply so let's try it again using this account... @lain There's a problem with the OAuth login at newer Pleroma instances using Halcyon.It always says "Unlisted redirect_uri" with force_login=False or redirects without a OAuth code without force_login=False.I wrote you a more detailed post yesterday using my personal account.I checked the redirect_uri multiple times and it is definitely correct.

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