I like how the #halcyon docs say "Apache: Just upload it, it works" and nothing works. </s> 🖕

@lerk Maybe you have a link to the instance so that I can look for the error?There are some server-wide dependencies named in the docs which should also be installed when using Apache.The rewrites are done using the .htaccess file in Apache which is in the document_root and should be automatically used.If the .htaccess is ignored,you have to enable it using AllowOverride all in the vHost config.

@halcyon aah, so there IS something to be changed when using Apache.

I was just about to send you a link to the rewrite rules I just wrote but I assume that is unnecessary when using the htaccess file (right?).


@lerk Correct,the .htaccess file contains all rewrite rules therefore no additional config should be needed normally.Well,I thought it would be the default behaviour that htaccess files are parsed but if that's not the case,I'll add that to the documentation.

@halcyon It might be default for shared/managed hosters but I deleted all the default (vhost) config files and wrote my own.

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