Hey there,we have some great news! πŸŽ‰ The extension for replacing Tweet buttons with Toot buttons is finished and approved at the Add-on store.It can be used with every Halcyon instance which runs version 2.4.0 or any upcoming version.You can install it for free at or see the source code at Happy sharing! 😁

@halcyon consider adding a screenshot to the #AMO dewscription. This makes it more obvious, what it does.

@rugk There's no full page included except the settings page.It will only replace all Tweet buttons with Toot buttons.Do you think it would make sense to make a screenshot of some random news page with a small Toot button on it?

@halcyon You can also do something like this, where you show a "before" vs "after" view when things are changed:

@rugk Thanks,that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Is it planned to develop sth. like this for the native Mastodon webclient, too?

@jeybe It's not planned from my side but it's really easy to do it yourself.Just fork my add-on,replace /intent/toot with /share and replace the Halcyon icon with the Mastodon icon and upload it to the Mozilla Add-ons store again.Well,the settings page still has Halcyon design then but I think that's not that important.

Ok, I'll have a look on the code and fork it, if it's easy. Will give proper credit to you, of course, as my intent is not to steal other peoples work :)

@jeybe Free software is made to be changed and reused for whatever is needed so feel free to do so.I'm happy if you can create something useful on top of my code.Please notify when it's finished so that I can announce it here.

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