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We've just released 2.1.3 with the following changes:
- Added a autocomplete feature for usernames,hashtags and emojis
-> Enable it in settings -> general if you want to use it
- Fixed a bug in the emoji picker (sometimes it didn't open)
You can download the release from but please make sure not to delete the contents of your /data and /config directories.

We've just released 2.1.2 with the following changes:
- Improved German translation (thanks @blub)
- Removed blocked and muted people from who to follow
- Added a lock icon at locked accounts like Mastodon does
- Optimized buttons order at list overview
- Added toot to @someone buttons to the profile pages
You can download the release from

Planning a trip to the moon?Your favourite social network is well prepared with mode.You can now make use of federated servers on different planets.
Happy regards,
Your Halcyon team in cooperation with the united federation of planets

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We've just released 2.1.1 which is only a bugfix release with the following changes:
- Profile settings can be changed again
- Removed the error message if your browser doesn't send language information
- Lists do now work with
- The emoji picker does now work in Firefox
- Internal links within toots work now better in Firefox
You can download the release from

The blog article about 2.1.0 and other things which happened since 2.0.0 is now online at and it's really long,especially if you think about the fact that it hasn't been a long time since we released 2.0.0.Feedback is always welcome.Starting today you can help translating version 2.1.0 too:

We've just released 2.1.0 with the following changes:
- Introduced support for Mastodons lists feature
- Moved direct messages to a separate page
- Added a confirmation before deleting,blocking and muting
- Optimized dark theme
- Added link to public profile pages to profiles of remote users
- Added joined month and year to the profiles
Please make sure to apply the new nginx.conf or Caddyfile.
You can download the release from

Important announcement: There won't be an 2.0.3!Never ever.While working on it,we've seen that implementing the feature is very much work when allowing all options provided by the API and we want to do it correctly so we decided to do even more and name it Halcyon 2.1.0 instead.That does also mean that you have to wait a bit longer than usual but for your enjoyment we provide you an screenshot of the lists overview page

With 2.0.3 we will introduce a special site which displays only your direct messages like it already is in and recommended in this NotABug Issue: but there's a important for you all about that: Should direct messages be filteres out of the home timeline and only displayed in the direct messages TL and notifications now or should the DM TL just be additional?Please answer here or in issue.Need your opinion

Many people had problems when installing because of a missing documentation and needed PHP extensions which weren't listed.Now we make more use of our Wiki page on NotABug and added detailed installation instructions as well as a troubleshooting page with the most common problems.You can view it here: If you find a mistake or want to add something,you can easily edit the wiki page.

Hello,nice community! does now accept using @Liberapay .If you like Halcyon and you think it makes your experience in the better and you can afford it,please consider donating some money.Halcyon will always stay open and completely free but I do this in my spare time and I can do even more great things if I get some money for it.The profile is here:

We've just released 2.0.2 with the following changes:
- Added a dark theme
- Added Galician translation
- Improved Japanese translation
- Links to posts are opened in Halcyon
- Smaller screens are now supported
- New streaming option: update only when scrolled to top
- Mentions order fixed
Please make sure to enable the following locales on your server: en_US,de_DE,pt_BR,pl_PL,ja_JP,ko_KR,gl_ES
You can download the release from

With 2.0.2 we will finally introduce the dark theme which many users want.Normally it would have taken much longer but we got a pull request with the new CSS file so we can do it much faster.You can already have a look on the concept of the pull request but before the release we have to fix some bugs.And the green stuff will likely get blue but that's the community question: Do you prefer the green styling or do you want it blue?Please answer to this post!

Many new came online recently.I added them all to the new instance list.You can see the full list here: Very much thanks to @vaginaplant @kaffeeringe and @rixx for providing them.You can use them for free at and

We've just released 2.0.1 with the following changes:
- Added the languages Polish,Japanese and Korean
- You now automatically mention everyone in discussions
- Login checkbox does now work with screenreaders
- Links in mentions do now work with Pleroma
- And fixed some more bugs
Please make sure to enable the following locales on your server: en_US,de_DE,pt_BR,pl_PL,ja_JP,ko_KR
You can download the release from

Starting tomorrow I'll be in holiday for one week.I'll answer your questions and NotABug Issues anyway but the next release will come some days after the holidays,I won't have time for programming next week.

Because it looks like but you can write longer messages and it's open source without tracking or annoying ads.And with its decentral network it has no single point of failure.

You want your decentral Twitter,too?

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@halcyon Heads up to others....

You need php-intl on Ubuntu for the 2.0 release


We've just released 2.0.0 with the following changes:
- Added support for multiple languages
- Removed third party CDN providers
Thanks to @Themanwhoisit for helping with integrating the language system
You can read an blog post about this version here:
You can download the release from

With the release of 2.0.0 we will finally introduce multi language support!We plan to release it after some days.You can now help translating Halcyon so we can already offer multiple languages with the beginning of this feature.Please help us to make Halcyon easier for people who can't understand English as good as you!We use Zanata by Red Hat for our translations which is open source,free and privacy friendly.Translate here:

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