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@sajith It's good to know whenever a problem happens,thanks for your report.But I think the bug you reported is caused by your cache.Please try reloading with CTRL+F5.

We've just released 2.3.1 with the following changes:
- Allow adding more toots to the editor to create threads
- Emoji picker and autocomplete work for content warning now
- Bugfix: Thread not loaded when opening boost in overlay
- Bugfix: Duplicated threads in the timeline
- Improve German and Japanese translation
- Add Dutch translation
-> Please make sure to enable the nl_NL locale on your server
You can download it from

@snder @darthvader @efertone Not really.CSS is a language only for theming.You could probably make some parts look like Twitter using CSS alone but Mastodon has a multi-column layout and I doubt that you can change that to a single-column layout without very big modifications in the HTML and Javascript parts.

@snder @efertone @darthvader You can't do that all with CSS alone.Halcyon shares nothing with Mastodons codebase except the API network requests.It's a completely own script with different HTML structure and while Mastodon is built using the React Javascript Library,Halcyon is using jQuery.I agree that it would be cool as Mastodon theme but it seems technically impossible to me.

@darthvader @efertone @snder That won't work because Halcyon depends on some server side stuff in PHP while Mastodon is written in Ruby.Pages are put together from different files using PHP,many strings are translated using PHP and some cool extra features like YouPlay depend on PHP,too.

@bort Thank you for your information.We had network connectivity issues which caused all our services being unreachable.It has been fixed since 1:00 am.

@ButterflyOfFire @Jbb Ah okay,that's not a good thing about Pootle.You can file a Github issue there if you want to help them.If you want to help translating Halcyon without using Pootle,you can also generate the .po file using anything else and submit it using a pull request.I'm happy that I got everything running and don't want to install yet another translation platform.Oh and if you want to use Pootle,please tell me first as I need to enable languages manually there

@ButterflyOfFire @Jbb Not especially for FOSS projects but the normal tarifs you can buy there are paid.If you want it for free,you have to contact them what takes time and I don't think they'll accept every request so selfhosting was the easier and faster choice here.

@Jbb Weblate Hosted is paid by default.You must apply and hope to get it sponsored by them for open source projects but as far as I know that doesn't work automatically.Selfhosting Weblate would have been an option but I already knew Weblate and wanted to try out something new.Weblate and Pootle are both written in Python so that it doesn't make a big difference for me which one I install.

You want to know more about what happened with and our translations?The good news is that it works again but nobody knows for how long.We were able to download backups and we wrote a blog article with more details about what happened and which actions we took as reaction to that.You can read it here:

@dqwyy Yeah,everything here runs with the Deepin Desktop.The computer from the screenshot runs Arch Linux with Deepin Desktop Environment.

@jeroenpraat It has already been offline for a few days.I really hope that they will at least let me backup the data but in the current situation it seemed late enough for me to open a new platform.Maybe you can start translating from the bottom to the top this time so you translate the untranslated stuff first and I can add the translated words if Zanata really works again.

@jeroenpraat Unfortunately I have zero control over the Zanata servers and was only a user there.If they manage to get it working again - at least a few days to download backups - then your work will be rescued.But if they don't,then I have no access to the data anymore.The only good news is that the new translation platform is hosted on my own server so that this will never ever happen again.

Very bad news: Our translation platform went down without any warning and as the project seems unmaintained,it's not clear if it will come back online for downloading backups.We only have backups of the translation state from the day we released version 2.3.0 😢 If you want to help with translations in future,please use this site:

@aussocialadmin The docker stuff was made by @kemonine and I have no idea how docker works or how to use it.If you think you can improve anything,feel free to create a pull request.

We've blogged about 2.3.0,what we did especially in this release and also a few things before.You can read it here:
Additionally new strings of Halcyon 2.3.0 are now ready for translation at .We need your help for offering Halcyon in even more languages and to update existing languages.Thank you very much for your help!

We've just released 2.3.0 with the following changes:
- Add support for creating polls
- Add support for voting
- Add notification for finished polls
- Optimize internal counter for amount of toots
- Improve Czech translation
- Bugfix: Remove blue bars between unrelated posts in dark theme (already fixed for light theme)
- Bugfix: Full picture height is only supported for one picture per toot
You can download it from

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