We've just released 2.4.2 with the following changes:
- Added support for trending hashtags (not in Mastodon stable yet)
- Added URL unshortener
- Added automatic redirect of YouTube links to Invidious
- Automatically answer with CW to posts with CW
- Improve French+Arabic translation,add Spanish
Important: Please take care of the new variables in the config.ini.sample and enable the es_ES locale on your system
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@nvsr cURL option constants should be set by PHP automatically.You can find a list of them here: php.net/manual/en/function.cur

@nvsr I don't see a real difference between $parameters[CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS] = http_build_query($data); and $arr['foo'] = "bar";.As key I use a constant instead of a string and as a value I use a function instead of a string but both should be fine as far as I know.Can you please further explain where you locate the error?
For the second problem,I see what you mean and will do that.

@nvsr I'm back from holidays and had a look at those problems but I have questions.
- This is the standard form of assigning a value to a associative array,isn't it?In which way should I do it if not in this?Using array_push() would only make sense for numbered arrays.
- Which form of sanity checking do you think I need at this point?First checking that $response exists and is an array,then checking that for ['html'] and so on?Or do you mean something else?

@shadow8t4 No need to open a Git issue.As there are multiple ways to suggest things (Git/Mastodon/Email/Private) I manage that all on a private OpenProject instance where I already added it.

@shadow8t4 It's because nobody has requested that feature yet.Thanks for suggesting that.It has a good chance to be already in the next version.

@ButterflyOfFire Thank you very much for helping in translating Halcyon into many different languages 👍We will roll out your updates with the next release which should come soon hopefully.

@tyil @nvsr I don't want to make it too easy for the fascists to identify and remove the block against Gab.The obfuscated code just contains some login logic which is only run if the domain is not gab.com or gab.ai

@nvsr Thank you very much for reporting the problems.These are only warnings which don't prevent it from working correctly.If you disable the debug_mode in your config.ini,everything should be fine.Anyway I'll fix the first two in the next update.The third one totally makes sense in the way it's currently done and won't be changed.

@shadow8t4 The debug mode didn't help unfortunately.It still doesn't work and there is no error message telling me why.After some further research I have an idea what could cause the problem but I'm not sure.Please check if your webserver has write permissions to your /data directory.I must grant the auth request again at every try so maybe the server tokens can't be stored.

@shadow8t4 Sorry,I forgot to renew my domain at NoIP.com and it's done now but seems like it takes some time for the changes to be effective.So here's what you have to so: Add the following line to the [App] section of your config.ini:
debug_mode = true
If you didn't have this line before,that could mean that you use the same config from before your domain change.If that's true,make sure to have the correct api_client_website set and empty your /data directory.

@shadow8t4 I just tried it out with my personal account on both Halcyon instances.I can login without any problems on halcyon.pro but your instance returns an empty age after granting the auth request.Please turn on the debug mode in your config.ini to find what causes the problem.

@clarjon1 I've already seen that yesterday and wrote a more detailed post to lanodan from my private account because 500 chars aren't enough.The original one was in German so it won't be helpful for him.Here is my post from yesterday: social.avareborn.de/@nipos/102

@clarjon1 @fuzzylynx Still no reply so let's try it again using this account... @lain There's a problem with the OAuth login at newer Pleroma instances using Halcyon.It always says "Unlisted redirect_uri" with force_login=False or redirects without a OAuth code without force_login=False.I wrote you a more detailed post yesterday using my personal account.I checked the redirect_uri multiple times and it is definitely correct.

@fuzzylynx @clarjon1 I can confirm that this should be an issue caused by Pleroma in newer versions.I could also reproduce it somehow when trying to sign into brutaldon.online but they have set force_login to False so I finally get a useful error message.It says that the redirect_uri registered with the app on server side differs from the one in the OAuth request although it's exactly the same.I've contacted Lain on my private account,no answer yet.

@clarjon1 Thank you but I've been able to reproduce it using my Pleroma testing account now.Looks like they have updated the instance in the meantime as it worked well when I used it the last time.I'll try to fix that now and push a hotfix then.

@clarjon1 Thank you for your response,that's really helpful.Halcyon expects the Mastodon or Pleroma instance to send a code GET param which can be used to authenticate you against the API endpoint on the server side and it looks like your Pleroma instance isn't sending this code param.Maybe newer Pleroma instances don't do that in general,I don't know.I'll further investigate that tomorrow.Thanks for your help with debugging.

@clarjon1 As far as I know that isn't the first time that this happens but I've never been able to reproduce the problem to start debugging it.It would be really helpful if you could find any error message using the debug mode in your Halcyon install.

The seems to have a completely new design now. will continue with the current design and not adopt the new layout for several reasons:
1. It looks similar to the simple layout so you can use this if you want to.
2. It looks incredibly ugly.
3. It's so different that a more or less complete rewrite of Halcyon would be required.
4. Our target are unexperienced users who would have to learn everything again if we adopted that.

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