@inditoot Thanks for informing me.It's already the second time someone notifies me about failing login recently.The dev-wiki instance is outdated and not compatible to Pleromas recent API changes but login should work anyway,it should normally fail a bit later while everything should be fine with the Anoxinon instance in theory.I think I'll need to try out myself if Pleroma has made additional changes which break the login,too.

Hey there,we've just found out that the original 2.2.2 release contains a bug which prevents profile pages from working entirely.It was introduced by improving the emojicode to emoji replace function because we removed the old function which was still needed by the profiles.If you have already upgraded to 2.2.2,please download it from the releases page again and reupload it to your server as soon as possible.Sorry for the additional work.

We've just released 2.2.2 with the following changes:
- Bugfix: Two scrollbars when a overlay is open
- Bugfix: Autocomplete is at the wrong position in Firefox
- Emojis are now inserted at the cursor position
- Added a confirm dialog when closing a compose/reply window
- Added Czech translation
-> Make sure to enable the cs_CZ locale on your server
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.2.1 with the following changes:
- Fixed Pleroma compatibility after the API changes
- Bugfix: Error 404 at blog profiles
- Bugfix: Empty lines are removed
- Bugfix: No custom emojis in your own name
- Bugfix: Player settings don't work correctly
- Completed Italian translation - thanks @silkevicious
- Completed Galician translation - thanks @xosem
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@SkyfaR @scarlett I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the case when I last checked it a few minutes ago but I'll correct it on the instance list now.

Today a new instance came online.It supports all languages and all media embeds.And it's currently the only one which has both at the same time.Thank you very much @scarlett for operating this publicly available instance for free!You can use it at halcyon.catgirl.science or see the full instance list at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

Hello,we're and you may know us from our :"No,we're not the Birdsite", "This feature is not implemented yet,we'll add it to the Todo list", "You need to apply the new config to get rid of the errors" and "Thank for reporting that,we'll have a look at this"

Hey there,you can now help translating the new 2.2.0 at translate.zanata.org/iteration .We need your help for making it available in all languages.
Additionally we created a new wiki page for the media players which often caused missunderstandings: notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
And for people who prefer longer textes,our blog post is ready,too: nikisoft.myblog.de/nikisoft/ar

@vanitasvitae Well,the hint is already there,beginning with the word IMPORTANT at the 2.2.0 entry at the release download page.

@kemonine Thank you very much for informing me about the locale changes.Yes,I added it_IT to the locale.gen already but then I forgot mentioning the required change for other installs.Added it to the release note and wiki now.For your error,you need to merge the new options of config.ini.sample into your config file.The YouTube and Vimeo players can be disabled by instance admins because they may increase server load a bit and need cURL requests.That's the new config.

We've just released 2.2.0 with the following changes:
- Added new video and audio players
- PeerTube and privacy friendly YouTube and Vimeo embeds
- Added Docker support - thanks @kemonine
- Added Italian translation - thanks @silkevicious
- Improved Japanese translation - thanks @vaginaplant
- Improved German translation - thanks @vanitasvitae
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@abc Brave is based on the Chromium engine which should be compatible.What doesn't load?The whole page or just the posts?If only the contents don't load,try refreshing the page (F5) or clearing the cache and refreshing the page (CTRL+F5).If it still doesn't work,logout and login again.If the whole page doesn't load,the problem is related to the instances server and there's nothing I can do about it.

@abc No problem,nice to know that everything is fine πŸ˜‰

@abc That means maintenance work.Which instance did you try?Maybe another one works: notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@kemonine Thank you very much for your work on improving Halcyon.Sorry for not answering again yesterday,I wasn't at the computer anymore.Yes,there should be an auto redirect to https and a docker folder is ok.The pull request is already merged.

@kemonine It seems to become more and more popular and it's free open source software.Why not?I never worked with Docker so I can't create a Dockerfile but if you provide one,I'll add it to the repository.

@kemonine There is no Dockerfile but there are Wiki instructions about how to setup your server correctly: notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc It shouldn't be that complicated.Let me know if you have any problems or additional questions.

@Anoxinon Nice to read that!You're running one of the best instances with fast updates and great uptime πŸ‘

We wish you a happy new year 2019! πŸŽ† Keep on tooting and make the fediverse stay the nice place it is!Maybe 2019 will finally be the year of decentralization and privacy? πŸ”’ We have many things planned for the coming year which will make your experience even better.We're sorry that you have to wait a bit for the next update but we're working on something great.

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