@aussocialadmin The docker stuff was made by @kemonine and I have no idea how docker works or how to use it.If you think you can improve anything,feel free to create a pull request.

We've blogged about 2.3.0,what we did especially in this release and also a few things before.You can read it here: nikisoft.myblog.de/nikisoft/ar
Additionally new strings of Halcyon 2.3.0 are now ready for translation at translate.zanata.org/iteration .We need your help for offering Halcyon in even more languages and to update existing languages.Thank you very much for your help!

We've just released 2.3.0 with the following changes:
- Add support for creating polls
- Add support for voting
- Add notification for finished polls
- Optimize internal counter for amount of toots
- Improve Czech translation
- Bugfix: Remove blue bars between unrelated posts in dark theme (already fixed for light theme)
- Bugfix: Full picture height is only supported for one picture per toot
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@izzy That's a very weird bug.I saw it on many instances on the list so I tried to reproduce and fix it on my test instance but I was redirected to the login page of your instance without any problems.So I came to the conclusion that it must be a problem with the connection between Halcyon servers and your instance and searched for an instance where the connection works.This one should work fine for you: halcyon.tsia.de

@maximilia The extreme borders are only in the dark theme.I forgot to switch themes when taking the screenshot.

@maximilia Well,it is,you can compare it with this screenshot for example: freemansocialmedia.com/twitter .Only the "expires in" fields are missing there but this setting is required by the Mastodon API.

Can't wait for the new poll feature of ?We too so we've been working on bringing it to as soon as possible!Viewing them and answering isn't possible right now but they can already be created.Viewing and voting should be finished next week.You can already have a look at the poll editor here.How do you like it?

We're proud to announce that has been bought by @facebook .We're looking forward to a cooperation which will bring advantages for both platforms.Let's make federated social media for the masses together!We thank everyone who went the long way with us.Nothing will change for you as a user except that we will abuse every action you do for advertising.Oh by the way ads will be introduced with the next release!Find out more here: nikisoft.one/firstapril.php

Hey there,we will take halcyon.social offline soon for the next 24 hours.The reason is the law of the European Union.One of the protest actions is where we are participating.You can find more information at blackout21.eu/en/index.html . instances are not affected from our side but some administrators may decide to participate,too.Thank you for your understanding!Preventing uploadfilters is important for everyone of us

We've just released 2.2.5 with the following changes:
- Upgraded player script
- Added captions for and content
- Added thumbnails for YouTube and Vimeo content
- Added French translation - Thanks to the unknown translator
- Improved German translation - Thanks @Givou
-> Please make sure to enable the fr_FR locale on your system when upgrading
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@tsia It's updated whenever I find time to check some instances.Short times after a new version came out,they are checked more often.And instances which already have a new version get checked more often.There's nothing you can do.As some instances don't allow access to version.txt or config/config.ini,I have to check and modify everything manually.

We've just released 2.2.4 with the following changes:
- You can now easily switch between photos which belong to the same toot
- Images in the timeline can now be shown in full height (appearance settings)
- Removed duplicated threads in the timeline
- Thread view in the timeline can now be disabled (appearance settings)
- Bugfix: All answers connected with blue bars even if they don't belong together
- Much more
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@editor I'm happy that it works fine now.Added your instance to the list.

@SolSoCoG You must set the [Proxy] correctly.The example setting shows how to use it with a locally installed Tor but if you don't have Tor installed or enabled,this will result in YouPlay not being able to connect to the YouTube and Vimeo servers.You have to set type to none in the proxy section in this case.

@inditoot @jonw You're right but in the end Gargron understood that too and closed registrations.Maybe a bit late but I think it's great what he does and we shouldn't always criticize him.

@inditoot @jonw For mobile support you'll still have to wait a long time.Mobile is currently at a very low priority because there are tons of Mastodon apps which are great and a webclient will never be as good as a real app on the phone.

@inditoot @jonw Well,when Gargron started mastodon.social,the software was totally new and he needed something to show the people that it's great.When I took over Halcyon,it was already popular because of halcyon.social,the centralized instance of the previous dev so that I found people who wanted to host it fast.If I had had to start completely from scratch,I may have had needed a flagship instance too.

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