We've just released 2.4.9 with the following changes:
- Add support for viewing state of ongoing polls
- Add support for refreshing poll results
- Add Chinese translation
- Update to Mastodon media API v2
- Bugfix: Searching for URLs doesn't return results
- Bugfix: Clicking on links to other toots throws error 404
- More bugfixes
Please enable the zh_CN locale on you server to make the new translation work.You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@maique Wait...That's halcyon.cybre.space ,right?They use a very outdated version which does not have a dark theme.You can find other instances at halcyon.social/instances.php

@maique You can set your computer to use the dark theme,then Halcyon will automatically detect it or you can go to appearance settings and switch to the dark theme manually.

@shadow8t4 Oh no,that shouldn't happen 😕 I set it to allow almost everything and did even explicitly whitelist Tor 🤔 You may use webproxy.at to access the website and notabug.org,where the repository is hosted,runs without Cloudflare so that should work directly.

@shadow8t4 I did not ban your IP.What exactly is the error message it displays?

@stux Yes because the API provider went down forever.We already changed the default from vinayaka.distsn.org to vinayaka.tsia.de one or more releases ago but unfortunately most instance owners didn't change their config.

We've just released 2.4.8 with the following changes:
- Add support for announcements
- Add support for bookmarking posts
- Add a timeline to view bookmarked posts
- Add support for creating emoji reactions ( only)
- Add notifications for emoji reactions (Pleroma-only)
Please make sure to apply the changes in the Nginx/lighttpd/Caddy config.You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@logan AppImage doesn't really make sense as it would only waste tons of disk space when packaging everything which is needed to use it (PHP,Webserver and Firefox).A docker config is already available.Have a look at the docker directory in the source code.

@realcaseyrollins That's really weird.Thanks for the hint.I'll have a look at this problem today or tomorrow.

@logan Sorry for the late answer,totally forgot about it 😢 Halcyon fetches the custom emoji list only once at the beginning of your session.If you know the emoji code,just type it into the text area and it will work anyway.If you need it in the picker,you can logout and log back in,then the new emojis will appear.

@logan Halcyon uses YouPlay player ( notabug.org/youplay/yp-player ),my own fork of Hola Spark ( holaspark.com ) which I will extend to support multiple videos.VLC and MPV are programs you can install on your computer.They won't work within a website.

@logan I'm planning to optimize the media player to be able to show more than just one video so you can go forward and backwards directly inside of the player.That will be a much more beautiful solution than links to show/hide the players.

We've just released 2.4.7 with the following changes:
- Repair autocomplete for emojis
- Repair player for
- Improve embed player for
- Add fallback to Invidious when YouPlay fails
- Change default instance
- Automatic redirect/rewrite from to
- Automatic redirect/rewrite from to
Please make sure to add new configs+new who to follow
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

@logan There are many federation bots on different instances.They want to follow as many people as possible to increase the amount of posts in the federated timeline of their instances.Normally they can be ignored,they shouldn't spam you if you don't follow them.

@logan Halcyon can not replace the default frontend.Halcyon is only a client.You can install it on a subdomain,for example halcyon.loganjohndarylgraham.xyz or whatever you want.You only need to upload it to your server,edit some configurations and then use it.Here is the full documentation: halcyon.social/documentation.p The part "Your own server" should fit for you.

@kromonos There already is a direct messages tab but because of a lack of space in the top bar,it's in the drop down between the search bar and the toot button.A most used emojis tab would need a history,storage and some logic to calculate that.It can be done if I find some time for it but it's not that easy.

@ivan @lain Thank you very much for the detailed bug report and information how it can be fixed.I will add the Content-Security-Policy to the known issues documentation tomorrow.

@ivan @lain If I go to your Halcyon instance and try to login with your instance,I get redirected to the login page correctly.From that point I can't test any further as I don't have an account but it looks good so far.If you mean that the request from the login form to /oauth/authorize fails,it's unlikely that this has anything to do with Halcyon as the form and the validation URL are both handled by Pleroma.

@ivan Are you sure that the PHP cURL extension is installed and enabled?Also please make sure that a connection from your Halcyon server to vucica.net or other servers in general is possible.If you're sure that the connection and cURL aren't problems,enable debug_mode in the config.ini and you should get some more information what's happening.

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