We've just deleted and recreated version 2.1.6 with an updated Galician translation.We didn't want to wait until the next new version as it may take some weeks this time.We're working on something great.We recommend installing version 2.1.6 again or manually replacing messages.po and messages.mo in /locale/gl_ES/LC_MESSAGES with the updated files.Thanks to @xosem for translating.

@karlos No,that's totally wrong.If you try to post a too long post to the API,it will return a error message saying that the post is too long.If I remember right,it's error code 422.The only exception from this rule are a few modified Mastodon instances with higher limits which didn't implement the max_toot_chars variable but they should just fix it,that's not a Halcyon bug.

@shadow8t4 The list is updated now.I'm always happy if problems get reported.I just wanted to point out why list updates take some days sometimes.

@shadow8t4 Thanks for reporting the outdated instance list.Monday,tuesday and wednesday are very stressful here.Will be updated some time during this week.

@tsia Halcyon takes data from this API endpoint where it says 2.6.4,too: mastodon.tsia.de/api/v1/instan Maybe it works if you reload Halcyon.

We've just released 2.1.6 with the following changes:
- Added a search suggestion dropdown including local search history
- Fixed small bugs in autocomplete and profile settings
- Added a page with info about your Mastodon instance
- You can now open remote posts by copying the link into the search bar
You can download the release from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
WARNING: Make sure to apply the new Nginx config or Caddyfile or the new instance info page won't work

We've just released 2.1.5 with the following changes:
- full support for Mastodons filtering feature
- Added settings to create,edit and remove filters
- Added possibility to filter all bots
- Bots are now marked with a robot icon next to the username
You can download the release from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
WARNING: Make sure to apply the new Nginx config or Caddyfile or the new filter settings page won't work

@pola Sorry,that's currently not possible.Halcyon does only work for logged in users what means that your instance can't be publicly viewed anymore if you replace the default frontend with Halcyon.Alternatively you can run a own Halcyon instance on a subdomain.Support for logged out read-only access is planned,then replacing Pleroma FE with Halcyon *may* work more or less but it's not a top priority feature so it may take a while until it works.

@ambassador English is still the only language supported by your instance.I've just checked it again.There is no real check for language support but you can go to the Halcyon settings and try out different languages.If the language changes,it's supported and if it stays English,the selected language is not supported.

@ambassador It depends on the locales which are enabled on your server.There are instructions for it on our Install wiki page: notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

Today a new instance came online.It's nice to have a second one with the latest version and support for all languages which are supportet by Halcyon.You can use it at mastoweb.gronendahl.de .Thanks to @frank for operating it!You can still find a full list of all publicly available instances at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We updated the instances list at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc and four instances are already at 2.1.4!Thank you for continous support and updating your instances that fast.Additionally we added two completely new instances.Thanks to @ben for operating halcyon.tilde.zone and @f2k1de for operating social.f2k1.de

@anmol You mean what they are used for?/config stores all your configuration files to customize your Halcyon installation in a easy way.If they get lost,Halcyon will comletely stop working./data stores the API tokens of all instances you have users from.Important: It does NOT store the users access tokens,they are stored on the client side.It only stores the API key and API secret needed for the whole instance.If they get lost,everyone has to grant access again after a relogin.

We've just released 2.1.4 with the following changes:
- Improved regular expressions for internal links (less false positives)
- Added support for custom profile fields
- Added support for verified links
- Added settings for custom profile fields
You can download the release from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc but please make sure not to delete the contents of your /data and /config directories.

@f2k1de Added to the instance list but please renew your SSL certificate.

Did you already know you can install using @yunohost ?That makes hosting your own instance as easy as pressing a button.You can install Halcyon for at install-app.yunohost.org/?app= or find out more about YunoHost at yunohost.org .Thanks to @anmol for creating this port.You can find the repository at github.com/YunoHost-Apps/halcy

We updated the instances list at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc and three instances are already at 2.1.3.Wow,that happened fast!Thank you for continous support and updates.Additionally we added a completely new instance.Thanks to @shadow8t4 for operating halcyon.werefoxsoftware.com

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