Yesterday there was a server outage on this instance which resulted in some data loss of the newest posts.We don't know what exactly happened but likely the admin had to restore a old backup.Unfortunately our poll was lost due to that but it was already finished.Here are screenshots of the results.

There will be a new feature in the version which will hopefully be released today.You can now share links from other websites using Halcyon.We do not expect many people to implement that in their website but you can share on and just rewrite to and there will also be a extension in some weeks which will do that automatically for you and,of course,a script to add it to your website yourself

Can't wait for the new poll feature of ?We too so we've been working on bringing it to as soon as possible!Viewing them and answering isn't possible right now but they can already be created.Viewing and voting should be finished next week.You can already have a look at the poll editor here.How do you like it?

We wish you a happy new year 2019! 🎆 Keep on tooting and make the fediverse stay the nice place it is!Maybe 2019 will finally be the year of decentralization and privacy? 🔒 We have many things planned for the coming year which will make your experience even better.We're sorry that you have to wait a bit for the next update but we're working on something great.

Planning a trip to the moon?Your favourite social network is well prepared with mode.You can now make use of federated servers on different planets.
Happy regards,
Your Halcyon team in cooperation with the united federation of planets

Important announcement: There won't be an 2.0.3!Never ever.While working on it,we've seen that implementing the feature is very much work when allowing all options provided by the API and we want to do it correctly so we decided to do even more and name it Halcyon 2.1.0 instead.That does also mean that you have to wait a bit longer than usual but for your enjoyment we provide you an screenshot of the lists overview page

With 2.0.2 we will finally introduce the dark theme which many users want.Normally it would have taken much longer but we got a pull request with the new CSS file so we can do it much faster.You can already have a look on the concept of the pull request but before the release we have to fix some bugs.And the green stuff will likely get blue but that's the community question: Do you prefer the green styling or do you want it blue?Please answer to this post!

It currently looks like we can't finish 1.2.0 this week as we planned and have to postpone the update some days.But you can already see some progress.Our new settings look good,right?We attached an screenshot how it looks like right now 😉

We're currently working at 1.1.3 with a new tiny function: Link previews as you can see when opening the public page of an toot are now displayed below toots directly in the timeline and when you view them in large.The function is nearly complete,only a turn off switch must still be done for people who dislike that feature.You can see it best when viewing the profile of an news page (Screenshot of the Postillon - @derpostillon )

Oh my god,it's absolutely unbelievable and great!I just found out that we are in the CT,a popular German technics magazine by which made an article about Mastodon!They don't link to or write some text about it but they published a screenshot of the Halcyon compose dialog and wrote that it's Halcyon.That's really great,thank you very much,Heise.

W3C CSS Working Group Mastodon

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