is a client for and which looks like the therefore it's easy to use for people coming from there.It's free software and decentralized just like Mastodon.You can find a list of servers hosting it on or you can find more information at the homepage .It's licensed under AGPL3,the source code can be found at

@salimrezanewton You can find a installation manual here: The download can be found at (or just git clone the repository,that makes updates easier)

@halcyon So much for advertising an alternative when your homepage seems to be down throwing up a 522 Error...

@Zeth We're sorry for the inconvenience 😢 Our network provider is having some connectivity issues and there's nothing we can do about it but hoping that it will be back soon 😕 However you may find some useful information on and thanks to it being open source and decentralized,you don't need our server (which is basically just a information page).You can use it on or for example.

@halcyon I was hoping to find out more about it which is why I initially wanted to check out the homepage. My logic being that there are links to docs/Readme/demo. So no worries

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