Yesterday there was a server outage on this instance which resulted in some data loss of the newest posts.We don't know what exactly happened but likely the admin had to restore a old backup.Unfortunately our poll was lost due to that but it was already finished.Here are screenshots of the results.

perhaps for multiple videos you could do spoilers and have the label be the title of the video.
then click to hide/show that particular video

i can't seem to get it to work in this HTML but perhaps something like this

@logan I'm planning to optimize the media player to be able to show more than just one video so you can go forward and backwards directly inside of the player.That will be a much more beautiful solution than links to show/hide the players.

@halcyon i like that 2 😄 .

can't wait to see what it will look like.

are you basic it off of already existing media players perhaps?
maybe vlc or mpv?

@logan Halcyon uses YouPlay player ( ),my own fork of Hola Spark ( ) which I will extend to support multiple videos.VLC and MPV are programs you can install on your computer.They won't work within a website.

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