There will be a new feature in the version which will hopefully be released today.You can now share links from other websites using Halcyon.We do not expect many people to implement that in their website but you can share on and just rewrite to and there will also be a extension in some weeks which will do that automatically for you and,of course,a script to add it to your website yourself

Hmm, I don't get it. Do you mean a button you can implement on your site do directly share e.g. an article via halcyon?


@jeybe Correct.Say you're the owner of a online news page then you can add our script (which will be written after the new Halcyon release) and embed it into your site like the Tweet button but with the difference that it can be hosted on your server and doesn't talk home and people who click on it get redirected to the Halcyon instance which url they enter and can easily share the link.

Cool! Do you know if there is a similar feature for the standard mastodon webinterface, too, or for other fediverse services?

@jeybe Yes,the standard web interface supports that under

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