Oh wow, really not too happy with the single-column layout Mastodon offers. Halcyon did this much better, in my opinion.

I've got a halcyon instance, if you want to play around with it, at twitter.rixx.de/ (no access logs, and occasional maintancance).

@jr @rixx Thanks for notifying me that the instance has finally received an update.It's now updated on the instance list but please update your nginx.conf so that new pages work.They throw error 404 for me.

@halcyon "finally received an update" implies that you were waiting for one – it would be nice to communicate expectations like that instead of snarking at me afterwards. Feel free to leave it off your instance list if you're not happy with it.


@rixx I have no expectations but as it would be quite difficult to write a automatic version checker I check every instance for updates manually a few days after publishing a new version and so I notice when instances don't receive updates for months.I like it when instances are up to date because else people often complain about bugs which have been fixed for months but I list every public instance that exists.The list is sorted by versions so it shouldn't be a big problem.

@halcyon Not quite sure why including a version checker would be too hard, but anyways: Feel free to leave my instance off the list.

@rixx Some instances hide their version.txt using htaccess/nginx.conf,others have only a outdates version.txt because of Cloudflare Cache but have a updated instance.Therefore the list can only be correct if I check every instance manually.And I don't know why I should remove your instance from the list.I have no problem with it and I also have no problem with older instances in general.I don't know what you dislike that much about my post.

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