We've just released 2.3.1 with the following changes:
- Allow adding more toots to the editor to create threads
- Emoji picker and autocomplete work for content warning now
- Bugfix: Thread not loaded when opening boost in overlay
- Bugfix: Duplicated threads in the timeline
- Improve German and Japanese translation
- Add Dutch translation
-> Please make sure to enable the nl_NL locale on your server
You can download it from

@halcyon Good work! Thread creation is a very welcome addition.

@halcyon Compose window user picture doesn't look quite right. Maybe its dimensions should be limited?

@halcyon Thank you for a nice release!

And sorry about sending an unpleasant bug report first. :-(

@sajith It's good to know whenever a problem happens,thanks for your report.But I think the bug you reported is caused by your cache.Please try reloading with CTRL+F5.

@halcyon You are right! Sorry about the useless noise. 😞

@tsia Yes,new strings are only added to the translation files every 2.X.0 release because the work would be quite big else.

@halcyon There seems to be something very odd with the Dutch translation (see screenshot).

First it was alright and than after changing it back to English and back again to Dutch, I have this (see screenshot). All strings are messed-up.

My locales are alright.

@jeroenpraat That's a really weird issue but if it has worked before,it can't be caused by the translation file in the repository.This doesn't happen for the first time but it always only happen on one instance and I think not always.Normally I recommend downloading the file for the buggy language again and replace it on the server with the new one (even if it should be exactly the same) but I can't remember if that helped in the past.Maybe it's a bug in PHP 😕

If I'm home again, I see if restarting fpm will do anything.

@jeroenpraat Great!That means that it's really a bug in PHP itself.I think I should add this to the troubleshooting documentation page.

@snder That's just an issue with your cache.Hit CTRL+F5 and everything will be alright.

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