You want to know more about what happened with and our translations?The good news is that it works again but nobody knows for how long.We were able to download backups and we wrote a blog article with more details about what happened and which actions we took as reaction to that.You can read it here:

@halcyon Did you already try weblate? It has a hosted version which is available for free for opensource projects, but it can also be self-hosted.

@Jbb Weblate Hosted is paid by default.You must apply and hope to get it sponsored by them for open source projects but as far as I know that doesn't work automatically.Selfhosting Weblate would have been an option but I already knew Weblate and wanted to try out something new.Weblate and Pootle are both written in Python so that it doesn't make a big difference for me which one I install.

@ButterflyOfFire @Jbb Not especially for FOSS projects but the normal tarifs you can buy there are paid.If you want it for free,you have to contact them what takes time and I don't think they'll accept every request so selfhosting was the easier and faster choice here.

@halcyon Okay no problem :)
I want just to add that Pootle, for example, is complicated for me as I translate from english to an RTL langue (arabic). And Weblate offers check-options for translators that Pootle doesn't not offer :)

@ButterflyOfFire @Jbb Ah okay,that's not a good thing about Pootle.You can file a Github issue there if you want to help them.If you want to help translating Halcyon without using Pootle,you can also generate the .po file using anything else and submit it using a pull request.I'm happy that I got everything running and don't want to install yet another translation platform.Oh and if you want to use Pootle,please tell me first as I need to enable languages manually there

Okay, I'll be happy to help :) will check your Pootle and see what I can do on our own hosted Weblate to test .po files :) as we have some TM already on it :)

@Jbb @halcyon I made this translation with a mouse and a visual keyboard (since my physical keyboard is not in arabic).

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