Very bad news: Our translation platform went down without any warning and as the project seems unmaintained,it's not clear if it will come back online for downloading backups.We only have backups of the translation state from the day we released version 2.3.0 😢 If you want to help with translations in future,please use this site:

@halcyon That sucks. I already translated it in Dutch for more than 50%. So you are saying that there's no change that this can be recovered?

@jeroenpraat Unfortunately I have zero control over the Zanata servers and was only a user there.If they manage to get it working again - at least a few days to download backups - then your work will be rescued.But if they don't,then I have no access to the data anymore.The only good news is that the new translation platform is hosted on my own server so that this will never ever happen again.

@halcyon OK, let's give them a day or two, or else I just translate again.

@jeroenpraat It has already been offline for a few days.I really hope that they will at least let me backup the data but in the current situation it seemed late enough for me to open a new platform.Maybe you can start translating from the bottom to the top this time so you translate the untranslated stuff first and I can add the translated words if Zanata really works again.

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