Can't wait for the new poll feature of ?We too so we've been working on bringing it to as soon as possible!Viewing them and answering isn't possible right now but they can already be created.Viewing and voting should be finished next week.You can already have a look at the poll editor here.How do you like it?

@halcyon as far as i remember from my time there it's not very twitter-like

@maximilia Well,it is,you can compare it with this screenshot for example: .Only the "expires in" fields are missing there but this setting is required by the Mastodon API.

@halcyon yeah, the layout is the same, but those extreme borders bother me

@maximilia The extreme borders are only in the dark theme.I forgot to switch themes when taking the screenshot.

@dqwyy Yeah,everything here runs with the Deepin Desktop.The computer from the screenshot runs Arch Linux with Deepin Desktop Environment.

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