We've just released 2.2.3 with the following changes:
- Bugfix: Login to Pleroma instances with modern versions doesn't work
- Bugfix: Fixed compatibility to Pawoo
- Number of answers is now shown next to the reply button
- Added support for the prefers-color-scheme browser setting
-> Currently only available in Safari but will come to Firefox soon
- Two smaller bugfixes
You can download it from

Important update notice: You must remove ALL Pleroma instances from the /data directory to make them work again.That will force them to generate new application keys with correct params.But you must NOT remove the Mastodon instances from this folder as every user would have to sign in again then.

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@scarlett Oh well,I forgot to mention that all Pleroma instances need to be removed from the /data directory to generate new application keys.

@inditoot @jonw Pleroma?Then your Halcyon admin has to remove all Pleroma instances from the /data directory first to fix the problem.Forgot to mention that when writing the release notes 😕

@inditoot @jonw might work.I told the admin how to do the update correctly and he was very fast so I think all problems should be already fixed there.I don't run own instances because I want to prevent centralization.

@halcyon @jonw

Cool thanks waiting for mobile support than i will host pinfora and halcyon both

"I don't run own instances because I want to prevent centralization."

Please tell this to Gargron 😂

@inditoot @jonw Well,when Gargron started,the software was totally new and he needed something to show the people that it's great.When I took over Halcyon,it was already popular because of,the centralized instance of the previous dev so that I found people who wanted to host it fast.If I had had to start completely from scratch,I may have had needed a flagship instance too.

@halcyon @jonw agree but there is a point you need to stop specially when you telling everyone its decentralized .

@inditoot @jonw You're right but in the end Gargron understood that too and closed registrations.Maybe a bit late but I think it's great what he does and we shouldn't always criticize him.

@inditoot @jonw For mobile support you'll still have to wait a long time.Mobile is currently at a very low priority because there are tons of Mastodon apps which are great and a webclient will never be as good as a real app on the phone.

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