Hello nice community,we have a big announcement to make! πŸŽ‰ went down one year ago short before we took over the project.It was a huge centralized service using this code.Starting today it's online again - Not as a centralized instance but as a information page with a improved instance list and much more.You can visit it at .We hope you like it 😍

@halcyon They are all online since 2/19/2019...

Is that the point when the health check(s) went online?

@kemonine It's the date when I added all instances to the new list.Well,I thought I dated them back to the day when they really came online but looks like my admin interface is still a bit buggy.Thanks for notifying me,I'll fix that soon.

@halcyon yay this is exciting! looks awesome! I am glad I can share this url to new comers again!

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