We've just released 2.2.0 with the following changes:
- Added new video and audio players
- PeerTube and privacy friendly YouTube and Vimeo embeds
- Added Docker support - thanks @kemonine
- Added Italian translation - thanks @silkevicious
- Improved Japanese translation - thanks @vaginaplant
- Improved German translation - thanks @vanitasvitae
You can download it from

@halcyon It's already added to the docker file 😉

But not on the wiki

it_IT.UTF-8 UTF-8 is missing form the wiki

@halcyon @vaginaplant @silkevicious @kemonine Just spend one hour debugging an error, where nginx stated, that an undefined index "Media" was encountered.

It took me a while to realize, that I had to update my config.ini with the new media fields. Maybe you could add a hint about the config file to the release notes? :D

@vanitasvitae Well,the hint is already there,beginning with the word IMPORTANT at the 2.2.0 entry at the release download page.

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