Today a new instance came online.It's nice to have a second one with the latest version and support for all languages which are supportet by Halcyon.You can use it at .Thanks to for operating it!You can still find a full list of all publicly available instances at

@halcyon i just updated to 2.1.4 and enabled all the languages

@halcyon Do you have an example / info on how to turn on more languages?

@ambassador It depends on the locales which are enabled on your server.There are instructions for it on our Install wiki page:

@halcyon Done

Any good way to check our deployment has the proper locale's supported?

@ambassador English is still the only language supported by your instance.I've just checked it again.There is no real check for language support but you can go to the Halcyon settings and try out different languages.If the language changes,it's supported and if it stays English,the selected language is not supported.

@halcyon It should be working now.

We just restarted the php-fpm instance on the server and now when you pick a language in settings + refresh in firefox the changes are taking.

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