The blog article about 2.1.0 and other things which happened since 2.0.0 is now online at and it's really long,especially if you think about the fact that it hasn't been a long time since we released 2.0.0.Feedback is always welcome.Starting today you can help translating version 2.1.0 too:

Lists are nice, but there is no feature to build private lists (groups) at the moment?

@AHg Sorry,I don't know that feature and can't find anything about it in the API documentation.Can you explain a bit more about it?

I think there is no support for private groups in #mastodon. Maybe it will arrive in the future...

@AHg Then it won't come to Halcyon,too.As Halcyon is only the client side software,we have no access to the Mastodon database to create any special timelines.We can modify some things on the client side (like filtering out replies,see settings) but private groups is something which definitely needs server side support.That can't be done with small filtering rules on the client side.

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