With 2.0.3 we will introduce a special site which displays only your direct messages like it already is in and recommended in this NotABug Issue: but there's a important for you all about that: Should direct messages be filteres out of the home timeline and only displayed in the direct messages TL and notifications now or should the DM TL just be additional?Please answer here or in issue.Need your opinion

@halcyon If possible, I'd put an option, allowing to choose between the two of them. No?

@halcyon I prefare DMs extra and not in the main timeline.
What about an option switch in the settings?

@halcyon @all By the way: What about a "followed hash tag"?
I would like to define permanent #tag search(es)
and mix them into! my timeline.
I don't wish to have an extra column to see i.e. #halcyon toots
but have them in my main timeline like an followed person.
We now have "Someone boosted:" above the toot.
We may also have "#halcyon tagged"

@karlos Nice idea but without support for this feature by the Mastodon API,a implementation of that would be a very bad mess.More API request and websockets would be needed,it would have to be stored on the client side which Hashtags you follow,everything must be mixed together in one stream on the client side.I'd call that nearly impossible.At least a clean implementation is impossible.Open a feature request for Mastodon,then it will be easy for me.

@halcyon A feature request, yes. But not only to Mastodon? Or the fediverse communication?
If I use the Mastodon web client, I can have stored hash tags seraches already. So there must be some way to store "columgs". In the API I only see
GET /api/v1/streaming/hashtag
I need to check the soruces of Mastodonton ...

@karlos This is the API I can use for Hashtag search and streaming new toots to the search results page.Mixing toots by hashtags into the home timeline should be done on the server side (what isn't currently supported) so that I wouldn't have to change anything for viewing it,only add an option to subscribe and unsubscribe hashtags.Listening to two or more different Websockets for a single timeline could somehow be done but that's not a good way of coding and would likely have bugs.

@halcyon One more thing ;-)
Are you used to read the lines of a text from top to down? Me to.
In most micro boggings, newer posts are on top. If I read them in time order, I have to read one post and then skip upward two posts to again read downwards. What a ziczac! Messengers stream the text bubbles upward and add the latest below.
I would like to have this option for my timelines to.

@halcyon i think masto's placement of DMs in the main TL causes confusion that often results in the wrong people being tagged in a reply. also from a ui perspective, it's your private inbox, it shouldn't be mixed in with your public content.

@halcyon rausfiltern, ich hasse dass dms nur posts sind
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