With 2.0.2 we will finally introduce the dark theme which many users want.Normally it would have taken much longer but we got a pull request with the new CSS file so we can do it much faster.You can already have a look on the concept of the pull request but before the release we have to fix some bugs.And the green stuff will likely get blue but that's the community question: Do you prefer the green styling or do you want it blue?Please answer to this post!

@halcyon Green looks nice… and too much blue makes it look too much like the Birdsite

@joachim The light mode will stay blue.The goal of this project is recreating the UI of the birdsite but Twitter doesn't have an own dark theme at the web version.So the question for Halcyon is now if it's ok for the dark theme to have a totally different color scheme (green instead of blue) than the light edition.

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