We've just released 2.4.9 with the following changes:
- Add support for viewing state of ongoing polls
- Add support for refreshing poll results
- Add Chinese translation
- Update to Mastodon media API v2
- Bugfix: Searching for URLs doesn't return results
- Bugfix: Clicking on links to other toots throws error 404
- More bugfixes
Please enable the zh_CN locale on you server to make the new translation work.You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.4.8 with the following changes:
- Add support for announcements
- Add support for bookmarking posts
- Add a timeline to view bookmarked posts
- Add support for creating emoji reactions ( only)
- Add notifications for emoji reactions (Pleroma-only)
Please make sure to apply the changes in the Nginx/lighttpd/Caddy config.You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.4.7 with the following changes:
- Repair autocomplete for emojis
- Repair player for
- Improve embed player for
- Add fallback to Invidious when YouPlay fails
- Change default instance
- Automatic redirect/rewrite from to
- Automatic redirect/rewrite from to
Please make sure to add new configs+new who to follow
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.4.6 with the following changes:
- Replace removed direct timeline API with new conversations API
- Replace removed V1 search API with new V2 search API
- Remove texts in navbar on small devices
- Bugfix: Toot button doesn't get disabled when sending using CTRL+Enter
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

is a client for and which looks like the therefore it's easy to use for people coming from there.It's free software and decentralized just like Mastodon.You can find a list of servers hosting it on halcyon.social/instances.php or you can find more information at the homepage halcyon.social .It's licensed under AGPL3,the source code can be found at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.4.5 with the following changes:
- Add support for emojo categories
- Automatically rewrite links to Invidious or Nitter when sending
- Add links to open posts or accounts in the admin panel
- Bugfix: Content warnings are always expanded
- Bugfix: Link to profile within mention notifications leads to error 404
- Bugfix: Small square always shown at search suggestions when history is empty
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.4.4 with the following changes:
- Added a option to rewrite all links to a instance which can be set by the instance admin
- Click on animated GIFs is now handled in the same way as normal images
- Enabling full height for images does now also work for animated GIFs
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc but please don't forget to add the new option in your config.ini

The original version of 2.4.3 unfortunately had a critical bug where some posts can cause a Javascript error which prevents the timeline from further rendering.This bug has been fixed now.We removed version 2.4.3 and created it again without the bug.Please download and install Halcyon 2.4.3 or if you're using Git,just pull the latest commit.We're sorry for the inconvenience 😒

We've just released 2.4.3 with the following changes:
- Optimize status templates script
- Bugfix: Login doesn't work with non-alphanumeric parts in access token
- Bugfix: YouPlay/Invidious doesn't work for youtube.com and youtu.be links
- Bugfix: Empty image placeholder if toot has audio
- Bugfix: Size of autocomplete dropdown varies
- Bugfix: Media sometimes not embedded when link preview exists
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

Yesterday there was a server outage on this instance which resulted in some data loss of the newest posts.We don't know what exactly happened but likely the admin had to restore a old backup.Unfortunately our poll was lost due to that but it was already finished.Here are screenshots of the results.

We've just released 2.4.2 with the following changes:
- Added support for trending hashtags (not in Mastodon stable yet)
- Added URL unshortener
- Added automatic redirect of YouTube links to Invidious
- Automatically answer with CW to posts with CW
- Improve French+Arabic translation,add Spanish
Important: Please take care of the new variables in the config.ini.sample and enable the es_ES locale on your system
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

The seems to have a completely new design now. will continue with the current design and not adopt the new layout for several reasons:
1. It looks similar to the simple layout so you can use this if you want to.
2. It looks incredibly ugly.
3. It's so different that a more or less complete rewrite of Halcyon would be required.
4. Our target are unexperienced users who would have to learn everything again if we adopted that.

We've just released 2.4.1 with the following changes:
- Display media covers at content warning and on hover
- Add notice for our Halcyon Share Firefox extension
- Respect custom poll limits of Pleroma and GlitchSoc
- Better error handling for missing video previews at Pleroma
- Improve French translation
- Improve German translation
- Some bugfixes
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

Hey there,we have some great news! πŸŽ‰ The extension for replacing Tweet buttons with Toot buttons is finished and approved at the Add-on store.It can be used with every Halcyon instance which runs version 2.4.0 or any upcoming version.You can install it for free at addons.mozilla.org/addon/halcy or see the source code at notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc Happy sharing! 😁

The blog post about the changes in 2.4.0 is now online at blog.nikisoft.one/note/39ac25b
Additionally there is a documentation page for our new share feature now: halcyon.social/documentation.p
New text strings can be translated at translate.nikisoft.one/project
Thank you very much for using Halcyon and contributing to make it even better.

We've just released 2.4.0 with the following changes:
- Add a share page you can link to from other pages
-> Ways to use this coming soon
- Add a small overlay with profile information when hovering a mention
- Add Arabic translation (incomplete)
- Keep scroll position in timeline when new posts appear on top
- Buxfixes
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
Important: Make sure to apply the new webserver example config and enable the ar_DZ locale.

There will be a new feature in the version which will hopefully be released today.You can now share links from other websites using Halcyon.We do not expect many people to implement that in their website but you can share on and just rewrite twitter.com/intent/tweet to your-instance.com/intent/toot and there will also be a extension in some weeks which will do that automatically for you and,of course,a script to add it to your website yourself

We've just released 2.3.4 with the following changes:
- Add support for Mastodons new BlurHash
- Add example config for the lighttpd webserver
- Add debug option to config.ini.sample
- Load link previews without additional API requests
- Bugfix: YouPlay can't load any video anymore
- Bugfix: Fix XSS in the textarea autocomplete
- Bugfix: Some bugs with media thumbnails in the profile
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

Important: There was a bug in 2.3.3 which sent answers to other posts as completely new posts without context.We've released a and recreated version 2.3.3.Please reinstall Halcyon 2.3.3 as soon as possible!You can get it as always from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

We've just released 2.3.3 with the following changes:
- You can now copy&paste media into the compose field
- You can now drag&drop media into the compose field
- Video and audio (if supported by serverside) uploads supported
- Uploaded media files can be sorted
- Captions can now be added to media files
- Bugfix:Uploading a second picture overwrites the first
- Bugfix:Automatic dark mode detection doesn't work
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc

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