Notes Telecon 2017-11-01 css-values, css-ui-3, text-decor, css-cascade, CSSOM, css-sizing

Notes Telecon 2017-09-20 css-variables, css-position, css-ui-3, css2.1, css-inline, css-grid

Notes Telecon 2017-07-19 writing-modes, css-align, css-display, scroll-snap, css-position, css2.1, css-images

Notes Telecon 2017-06-28 writing-modes, css-variables, counter-styles, logical-props, css-align

Notes Telecon 2017.05.17 Writing Modes, Cascade, css-pseudo, Media Queries, Selectors, Scroll Snap, Overflow

Notes Telecon 2017-05-03 Writing Modes, Fonts, Values & Units, Transforms, UI4, Rhythm, Flexbox, Sizing, Images

Notes Telecon 2017-04-12 writing modes, transforms, css-fonts, text-justify, values, rhythm, alignment

Registrations open to anyone interested in CSS or general web dev/design. Come join us!

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