@chartier although communities is a far better-sounding name, maybe that implies more islation between them than i'm seeing?

Trying out the Whalebird desktop client, because a social network living in one of 200 browser tabs will never get much attention :) whalebird.org/en/desktop/conte

@cnc This is (of course) part of (libregraphicsmeeting.org) and the CREATE mailing list.

@baldur maybe I'll see you again at next year's ebookcraft and you can tell me if you still feel the same way :D :D

@baldur it's a fair concern, but I'm seeing so far the opposite - with the IDPF people looking forward to more tests and more reuse of existing Web technologies, which makes me very optimistic.

@baldur Then help keep us simple, OK? :-)

I think the requirement for interoperability tests may also help.

@baldur A new technology generally has to make something new possible , or to let something be done more cheaply/more quickly/more easily.

You're right that the actual final value usually isn't known in advance. At the consumer end it's not about complexity of implementation, so there's a disconnect there. it's also not about elegance of implementation, something that we technologists often forget and that annoys programmers no end!

@baldur Sometimes the success of an overly simplistic solution can set us back a long way too & make problems of its own, so I don't think there's a single right answer.

Agree about over-complex approaches. I sometimes talk about cost-cutting approaches to building a bridge over a chasm: make a narrower bridge that only lets 70% of the traffic get through, or make a shorter bridge that only goes 70% of the way across...

@Gargron hmm ok, it's embedded in the Edit Profile page next to (e.g.) Avatar, so it's not obvious where it's coming from - thanks. A thumbnail of the current avatar there might be helpful?

@Gargron Thanks! OK (maybe it's like the message that meant it took so long for me to upload my avatar image, because after I'd done it I kept seeing "no file selected" - some UX love is needed. :D )

This Mastodon stuff seems really buggy - "You aren't following anyone yet" but I used to be, and if I look at my profile I'm following 17 people...

Here in Rio for libregraphicsmeeting.org we just heard about JIMP js image processing library. Accessibility story unclear here.

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