This Mastodon stuff seems really buggy - "You aren't following anyone yet" but I used to be, and if I look at my profile I'm following 17 people...

@barefootliam it's an unfortunate text string. it doesn't actually check if you're following anyone, it just sees that your home TL is empty.

@Gargron Thanks! OK (maybe it's like the message that meant it took so long for me to upload my avatar image, because after I'd done it I kept seeing "no file selected" - some UX love is needed. :D )

@barefootliam "no file selected" is your OS/browser file input


@Gargron hmm ok, it's embedded in the Edit Profile page next to (e.g.) Avatar, so it's not obvious where it's coming from - thanks. A thumbnail of the current avatar there might be helpful?

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